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About Me



Often times in life, we as individuals never stop to question ourselves on who we really are. Our everyday responsibilities such as work, school, and taking care of our families somehow seem to take precedent over us engaging in thoughts about ourselves; however, I’ve managed to put  my “things to do” on the back burner for just a minute and ask myself “exactly who is Atoya Brown?”


I love the Lord and constantly give him all the praise. Without the sacrifice of Jesus Christ so many things would not be. It is important to me to grow and constantly engage in actively learning, living, and encouraging other’s in the word of God.


I am originally from Starkville, Mississippi and I have now been a resident of Baton Rouge, LA for a little over three years. My time here has been very “interesting”. I’ve crossed paths with people who have impacted my life forever.  I’m sure if destiny later calls for relocation, I will always love Louisiana.